Sebastien Gaudin

Co-founder & CEO of The CareVoice

“I have spent all of my career in the health care. Given a choice, I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Upon graduating masters in pharmaceutical and commercial sciences in France, Sebastien worked in Sanofi, a world leading pharmaceutical company, for twelve years, where he held various positions in business development and marketing across multiple therapeutic areas and geographic markets.

In 2011, he assumed a management position in Sanofi China focusing on diabetes portfolio and it was a great experience.

“I met many knowledgeable and committed people (Chinese Ministry of health representatives, hospital leaders, etc.) and well, I got the sense of all that could be done in this dynamic country, where many healthcare-related needs remain unmet.” - Sebastien Gaudin.

Later on, he got the idea of a digital health startup that could address the consumer’s mistrust for medical services in China, a recommendation platform similar to TripAdvisor but dedicated to healthcare. He then left Sanofi to launch The CareVoice in early 2014.

Jan Velich

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of The CareVoice

“Launching a start-up is like starting a rock band. You need passion, creativity, determination and you need to love it! So if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be a true Mick Jagger”

When he was still a middle schooler, Jan left Czech Republic for Canada to pursue his dream and become a professional ice hockey player. He showed great talent as a young player and was soon considered as a future prospect. He once represented the Czech national team and was ranked 75th worldwide among skaters in his age category skaters. However, an unfortunate shoulder injury put an early stop to his sporting career.

Despite this early setback, his fighting spirit helped in switching career path and Jan became a successful international healthcare executive with over 10 years of healthcare and strategy consulting experience. He came to China in 2010, to work at Adelphi FocusRx, an Omnicom Group Agency, where he gained in depth understanding of the Chinese healthcare system. As former General Manager at Adelphi FocusRx he led over 100 strategic healthcare projects for Chinese government bodies and multinational pharmaceutical & medical device companies. Before FocusRx he is a trader in Goldman Saches.

He met Sebastien (CEO & Co-Founder) through work and the two of them soon became friends. After being an advisor for The CareVoice, he joined the company as co-founder and CBO when the start-up shifted towards insurtech.

Neil Liang

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

“Technology for healthcare has long been overdue for a makeover. It’s time for the patient to finally be upfront and center, and for technology to be the solution instead of the problem.”

Neil is a creative technologist passionate about building innovative technology products. With deep roots in the Silicon Valley tech culture, he has over 15 years of experience in product management and innovation design, starting with product management and R&D roles at WebEx (a pioneer in the SaaS industry), and growing with WebEx through its acquisition by Cisco.

In 2009, Neil returned to his birthplace of Shanghai to join frog design, a global innovation and design firm. He spent several years at frog as part of the management team, before becoming GM of Fitch, a global retail experience design consultancy. Before joining The CareVoice, Neil was an R&D and innovation consultant for several technology brands in China. He joined The CareVoice after the start-up’s shift toward insurtech.

Joshua Chi

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua joined The CareVoice in 2017.

With more than 10 years experience in software architecture and development team management, he is responsible for scaling up the engineering team and developing The CareVoice insurtech SaaS solution. Joshua worked previously at AKQA, a world-class digital agency, where he headed the technical delivery team to deliver high-impact projects for clients such as Nike and NBA. Prior to AKQA, Joshua was a key team lead at The NetCircle, a data-driven technology company specializing in social networking and mobile apps. He was also previously a co-founder of a technology startup.

Experienced in end-to-end programming and involved in all aspects of software development, Joshua is a highly valuable member of The CareVoice executive leadership team. He has proven capable of leading engineering teams while making significant individual contributions.

His motto: “Know where you want to go, when you want to arrive, and go there step by step.”

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